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CS Clean Systems is your trusted supplier of dry gas scrubbers for use in the semiconductor industry and affiliated high-tech industries and R&D applications.


The scrubber technology, which ensures very efficient cleaning, has been used for over 30 years for the capturing of corrosive, flammable and highly toxic gases from exhaust gas flows. CS Clean Systems not only supplies and installs the systems but, from its Benelux Service Centre, also provides for the maintenance and refill of the installation.

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Semiconductor production

Scrubbers for, among other things, ion implanters, plasma etching and CVD tools.

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Semiconductor production

Gas cleaners for MOCVD, CIGS Photovoltaic processes.

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Specialty gasses

Cleaning and gas cabinet solutions for, among others, SF6, CF4, SiH4.

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R & D

Scrubbers and gas cleaners for small applications and incidental use.

Unique scrubber technology

The extremely maintenance-friendly scrubbers ensure a very efficient cleaning, through to the lowest PPM level. As such, many of our systems are monitored by an end-point gas detector.

The systems of CS Clean Systems use the advanced CLEANSORB chemisorption technology to realise unparalleled gas cleaning, combined with easy-to-use controls.


The dry chemisorption systems don’t use any electricity, water, or fuel. Furthermore, there is no pollution of valuable water supplies from disposal of contaminated wastewater.


One column of CLEANSORB granulate generally binds several thousands of litres of hazardous gas into safe, solid by-products. Used CLEANSORB columns aren’t thrown out, instead they are refilled with fresh absorbent material, resulting in minimal quantities of waste product.


CLEANSORB granulate converts hazardous gases into stabile inorganic salts, at ambient temperature. This is the highest quality and most environmentally friendly purification technology available for waste gas flows. A wide range of CLEANSORB column sizes is available, to meet the needs of all of our clients, from small-scale university research institutions to 24-hour wafer production facilities.


CS Clean Systems has more than 30 years of experience in dry chemisorption technology and offers optimised solutions for all process applications.

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Dry gas scrubber systems for process-waste gases.

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Protects against unexpected emissions of hazardous gas.

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Mini cartridges for gas cabinet ventilation channels.

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Services & Support

As a Service Centre, we take care of the maintenance and refill of the installation. In essence, we switch out the scrubber columns in the system for you, based on agreements with you about the response time, to guarantee maximum up-time for your systems.


The CS Clean Systems gas scrubbers can be used for a wide variety of applications and gases. This includes options for cleaning multiple gases within a single installation.

View gases by process

Process Application Typical Gases or Liquid Precursors Used
Plasma Etch
Metal Etch Cl2, BCl3, HCl, CF4, SF6
Poly Silicon Etch Cl2, HBr, Br2, SF6, CF4, NF3, C4F8
Nitride Etch, Oxide Etch CF4, CHF3, C2F6, C3F8, C4F8, CH2F2, NF3, SF6, O2
Tungsten Etchback SF6
Ion Implantation
High, Medium, Low AsH3, PH2020-10-08-sgs-gas-0918, BF3, P, As, Sb, Sb(CH3)3, GeH4, GeF4, TMGa, GaI3
TEOS, undoped TEOS, O2, O3
Poly-Si (doped) SiH4, (AsH3, PH3)
Silicon Germanium SiH4, GeH4
Oxide SiH4, O2
Nitride, (doped) SiH4, NH3, (TMP, TMB, SiH4, PH3, B2H6)
Oxynitride, (doped) SiH4, NH3, N2O, (TMP, TMB, SiH4, PH3, B2H6)
Low-k dielectrics 1MS, 2MS, 3MS, 4MS, DMDMOS
High-k dielectrics TMA, TEMAH, TDEAH, TAETO, PET
Gate Electrodes MPA, Ru(Etcp)2, PEMAT
Copper & Cobalt CVD Cu(hfac)(TMVS), Cobaltocene and related metalorganics
Tungsten (Silicide) WF6, SiH4, (DCS)
Barrier Layers TiCl4, NH3, TDMAT, PDMATa, PDEATa, TAETO, W(CO)6
Plasma Cleaning
PFC plasma C2F6, C4F8, NF3
Remote NF3 plasma F2
Silicon (doped) DCS, TCS, SiH4, HCl, (AsH3, PH3, B2H6)
Silicon-Germanium SiH4, GeH4, CBr4, 1MS, 2MS, 3MS, HCl
Silicon-Carbide (SiC) SiH4, TMAI, HCl
Compound Semiconductors, Optoelectronics, III-V on Si
GaAs, InP MOCVD (OMVPE) AsH3, PH3, TMAl, TMGa, TMln, TBA, TBP, SbH3, HCl, Cl2
GaN MOCVD Chamber Clean HCl, Cl2
MBE (MOMBE) As, P, AsH3, PH3, SbH3
III-V Etch Cl2, BCl3, HBr, SiF4, SF6, CH4, GaCl3, InCl3, AsH3, O2
Concentrator Photovoltaics PH3, AsH3, lll-V metalorganics, SiH4, GeH4

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